We started this page on the 6.6.2013 because we realised that we needed a specific place to present the "Bilderberg Files" dual digi-single. Also it's a good place to present all the splits Beltane has done with other bands. Although these are usually listed in the normal genre pages, and will continue to be, we have had requests to group them together for easy reference. So over the next while we'll bring them all here and see if we can state some additional info about them too.


"The Bilderberg Files"

What we have here are two tracks, one on each disc. These tracks are individually recorded by Baphgirl & Xan from the band respectively. They are a stylistic departure from the usual Beltane sound, more ov the dark ambient genre, but with the usual originally that this project brings to all it touches. These tracks will be released again on Beltane's forthcoming 8th full-length album, due September 19th but these versions are different. They are the raw pre-Solstice versions ov these tracks.  This is a strictly limited edition. Only six ov these disc sets are available. Please note, colours may vary from the picture. Also, if you purchase this release but do not have a floppy drive you can request that we email you the tracks, so you can still hear them!

Released on 6.6.2013

"Rehearsal April 5th 1995"

This is a digipak style reissue ov Beltane's very first full band recording. The recording is simply named after the day it was recorded. So this date has become significant in Beltane lore, almost like a minor Seasonal Day ov its own. This version ov the release returns to the original cassette that was used to capture the session live. There was no multi-track used, and despite this the sound quality is quite impressive for a truly underground recording made in this period. Set-Taitan must have surely been presiding over this day, is it any accident that this 20 year reissue falls not only on a full moon, but the day ov a total lunar eclipse? The tracks presented here have been remastered, but carefully as to not take a way from the essence ov the original recording.  Limited edition. Not to any certain number, but limited nevertheless.

Released on 5.4.2015

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