Well the time has come to set up this page. We have accumulated many items due to trade & up until now we haven't really figured what to do with them. So this page is the solution, think ov it as a little online store section ov Satanica. Nearly all ov the stuff here will be new. Most ov it from trades, though there will be some clearance items. The products will range from very underground raw CDR type releases right up to full blown digi-pak ones. Plus some vinyl too. We will note the particularly coarsely presented releases & also especially fine ones, to help guide you in your selection, if packaging is important to you. All will be priced accordingly, but regardless ov that all will be bargains. Most items here will be "one offs" therefore when they are gone, they are gone!!

So watch this space. Unlike the Compendium Releases (which ARE still on the way!) this page will be developed quickly.

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