Satanica has offered conventional audio mixing and mastering services for some time. However, to be honest there has been little interest in these. We suspect the reason is two-fold. These days it is so easy for everyone to do their own productions. The software can be obtained for free in some cases and nearly any computer is capable of running it. Plus, many online auto-mastering services have sprung up for those not confident to have a go at this stage themselves.

And secondly, if you do want a human being to mix and/or master your release there are people out there that will do it for as little as $5USD per song. We can't compete with these kinds of prices, nor would we want to - our time is more valuable than that! However, we can offer some special mastering opportunities you will not find elsewhere, for pretty much any price. This is unconventional wisdom at it's finest.

The first of these is TRANSMISSION MASTERING.

Sounds a bit esoteric right? Well it is!

The process is - on the face of it - quite simple: We take your recording (track, EP or album) split it into the Left & Right audio channels broadcast these out over the airwaves through a real radio station. And then receive this signal around 20 kilometers away where it's recorded digitally and the two channels are combined back to a single stereo file (if it's a stereo source to begin with).

This of course means the audio material moves through the entire broadcast chain of the radio station. However, we believe the real magick happens while it is out in the ether on it's way to the receiving location. It adds a kind of quality to the track that only this method can. And it's not necessarily some kind of "grungilizing" or "artistic degradation" it can actually make things sound better! What results are achieved is largely dependent on the source material. But it seems to work wonders on more raw genres such as Black Metal!

How much is this service? $50NZD for up to 20 minutes of material (track or short EP). $70NZD for 21-55 minutes of material (long EP or album).

You can send your material over the internet as wave or Mp3 files and we will send it back to you as a wave file (16 bit 44.1KHz or 24 bit 48KHz).

Contact if you wish to know more or make a booking to use this service.

Below is an example of a track remastered using this service. It was originally recorded in 2007 and this tenth anniversary remaster was made simply from the track on the original released version.

We still offer conventional mixing and mastering services too. These can be found via this link: Satanica Audio Production Services

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