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Illusions Webzine REVIEW
Unrelenting Pursuit of Annihilation
Satanica Productions
1. Incubating the Hellspawn
2. Decimation of Swine
3. Inhuman Decomposition
4. Hell Cunt
5. Gutspilled Retribution
6. Dismemberment in Chaos
7. Slaughter the Weak
8. The Sound of Suffering


Once again here is yet another brutal North Carolina band. Infensus Inferi is a two man technical death/grind band comprised of Chris Cobb (also from black metal band Novgorod), who performs all vocals
on "Unrelenting Pursuit of Annihilation", and Pete Stroupe (Novgorod/Rapheumets Well/Ex-Lust of Decay), who performs all guitars and drum programming on the ablum and backup vocals in their live set. "Unrelenting Persuit of Annihilation" is Infensus Inferi's debut full length album and will be released by New Zealand label Satanica Productions in the near future. Infensus is extremely
technical, belting out speedy sweeps and fret runs all over the place. Pete throws up some excellent lead guitar work throughout this album as well. Chris' vocals are straight up death metal style growls mixed periodically and well placed screams to add even more to the already intense atmosphere. Infensus Inferi's "Unrelenting Persuit of Annihilation" is definitely worth picking up when it's released in my opinion. The technicality, agressiveness, mayhem and brutality will leave the listener's senses twisted like a pretzel so check them out at the sites below and keep an eye out for the release date of this album, befriend them and shoot the shit with them.

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