How to become a Satanica Artist

Satanica was created to fill a gap in the market - this being to be able to release underground music that is not given a fair go in more cliched underground circles. In other words, it's a home for the outliers, the innovators that often don't acceptance elsewhere. 

Therefore, to join our label is very simple. We don't have silly rules such as you must send us a cassette for audition like some underground labels insist on! Though, in July 2020, it must be said that many of those labels no longer exist - and we just can't figure out why? lol 

It would be appreciated if you are already a customer though. So, perhaps you might consider purchasing an item or two from our catalogue before you approach us with your project. This is by no means mandatory but would, naturally, enhance our perception of your project and you as an individual. Quid pro quo and all that! 

However, we do insist that before you apply to us with your proposal that you have a good look at our website - especially the Nine Satanica Statements - to get a general impression of what we offer and what you can expect. That way it avoids us wasting time dealing with bands that have extravagant and unrealistic expectations.

And speaking of this, if you intend on using Google to "research" i.e. dig up dirt on Satanica, no doubt you will find it. There are many arseholes out there and manufactured, exaggerated bad news travels fast and sticks for a long time. If you must do this kind of checking, please do it before you approach us - not halfway though negotiations! If you are willing to believe this crap we politely request you to FUCK OFF AND FIND ANOTHER LABEL. We are after people with intelligence. Not sheep that believe any old bullshit they read! And just remember: We are still here! Many of these cunts are not.

One thing that should be clearly noted is that we reward our artists with GENEROUS cash royalties, paid out at certain sales tally thresholds.  Which means if your release does shift a reasonable amount of units, you will be very well paid for it. However, it also means we DO NOT offer the typical underground label deal of paying bands by sending out free copies. Further details of our royalty schedule will be supplied once you approach us expressing your interest in a release.

Right, if you have got this far simply send us an email to introducing your band. Please DO NOT attach files to this email but links to one or two songs are encouraged. Make sure they are the tracks that best "sum up" the material you would have us release.

If your music shows merit we will then send you our "Standard Info" which clearly outlines our popular Licensing Deal. You then read & consider that, discussing it with your band mates if necessary. If it sounds appealing to you then we will send you instructions on how to send your release & what format the artwork should be in.

That's all there is to it!

Things you should know

1. Due to the extremely small sales of physical products from bands nowadays, naturally it is necessary for our releases to be on a short run format, and this is, to be clear, recordable media. If you are one of those pretentious types and this is not good enough for you the door is over there --->. Please use it.

2. The term of release is 36 months from the release date. This is the minimum period you grant us the permission to sell your release for. By submitting your material, you agree to this. However, your release can stay with Satanica for as long as you like after this period has ended.

3. If you are attempting to co-release your material on another label (or are giving your entire release away for free somewhere online) then you will not be surprised that your release has sold very few, or perhaps even zero, copies. If you expect to succeed on Satanica and receive our bountiful royalties then you must make your fans / friends / followers aware of your release on our label, and not short-circuit the process by sending them elsewhere. This can take some work. We are not going to hassle you about this (like some tryhard flash-in-pan labels have attempted to do). Nevertheless, putting some effort into driving potential purchasers over to our page, if done reasonably regularly, can help massively improve your sales.




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