Most Unholy Convergence III

About the Most Unholy Convergence Volume III

The Most Unholy Convergence III will be released as an exciting two disc set:  A CD-ROM and a Bonus Data Disc.

Here is the coverart!
Note: At this stage we're only showing the image we'll be using, not the entire front cover!
Thanx to Raynard Stevens for coming onboard for the third time & supplying the cover image!

The main CD-ROM will be similar to previous MUCs, in that it will contain an Mp3 track ov all bands submitted plus a folder containing artwork representing each band. But in addition, the new extra bonus data disc will be divided up evenly between all the paying bands into their own folders! On this space you can put what you want. A few extra tracks, your video, or possibly even a compleat album or EP - back catalogue or otherwise - it's up to you!

Have you ever wished to be on a covermount CD ov an underground 'zine but then considered the usual 100EUR outlay just a bit too expensive? Well, for just $12NZD we can offer you a similar - yet superior - promotional opportunity. Interested? If so, read on...! We are also offering royalties to the bands on the MUC III. These will accumulate for every retail copy sold. To be real about this, it isn't going to be much once it is divided up between 50 bands, but it could eventually pay back the cost ov your submission and then some!

Although the previous MUC compilations were based on 100 bands being on the disc, we have decided to reduce this to 50 for the MUC III. The main reasons being that the Mp3 files will be higher quality & the time it takes to acquire the submissions will be massively hastened, as we found it was the last half ov the submissions that took the longest on the previous releases. 50 bands is still hours & hours ov listening! And then ov course the Bonus Data Disc content will make this even longer!

However the most important thing we consider about the MUC III (and this is a new improvement to the MUC concept) is that Satanica will produce a Special Edition version ov the CD-ROM section, that will be given away free to every Satanica customer! As you might know we always send our customers an extra bonus with their purchases and currently the MUC2 Special Edition has been fulfilling this role. This will be replaced by the MUC III once it is finished. Just think about it, there is no better promotion than physically putting a track ov your music into hands ov a potential fan. This is like getting on a fanzine's cover mount CD, but for a fraction ov the cost, and better because their is no limit to how many copies will be sent out!

One thing that will not change from the MUC2 is that all tracks will be professionally mastered. This really helped the MUC2 be superior to the MUC1 as it meant primarily that their was an even track-to-track volume and basic EQ structure despite the disparities that exist between recordings on the underground! This is extremely important if the MUCs are going to find their way into frequent listening in people's car CD  players etc.             

The instructions below ensure that all submissions are ov the correct audio format. This is important as the MUC compilations are to be compatible with Mp3 CD players, DVD players as well as computers. Doing it this way allows us to check the file ov each band as it arrives and convert it if necessary. However, if you have any problems we are certain to be able to help you. :)

We don't need postal address at this stage as we will email everyone when the compilation is released to ensure we have a current address.

Any questions about the M.U.C. III, sending songs, payment etc may be directed to 

How to Submit your Song  - Submissions cost $12NZD (approx $10USD) but for this you get:

1. Certain placement ov your track on the M.U.C III - this is NOT an audition!

2. All tracks professionally mastered - your song will sound it's best!

3. A copy ov the compilation when it is compleat, sent to your mailbox anywhere.

4. Excellent PROMOTION! The MUC III Special Edition will be given to EVERY Satanica customer!

5. All bands on the MUC III are guaranteed a release on Satanica. If they would like one!

6. Royalties. Eventually your submission fee will be paid back through these and more!

To submit your song follow these three simple steps

a) Upload your song to your favorite fileshare site. Such as , mediafire, etc. If you haven't used one ov these services before we recommend using  Try to make your songfile a 320 kb/s Mp3. Avoid VBR type files at all costs - they are crap.

Recommended maximum playing time per song is 10 minutes. (Longer tracks may be considered on a song by song basis - email us)

b) Enter the link (URL) that your fileshare site gave you into the upper text box [Enter link (URL) here:], then enter your Band name, Song Title, Album/EP the track is from (if any) plus your contact email - only if it is different to your PayPal one into the lower one [Enter Bandname, Songtitle etc:].

If you find there is not enough space in this box for all the information you wish to include, just make sure the band name is entered & let us know the rest ov the info via email:- - including your band name in here as well ov course.

c) Click on the PayPal button to pay the $12NZD using your PayPal account or a credit card etc.

We will send you confirmation when we have downloaded your track! 

We will contact you we when are ready for the bonus disc material. (mp3, wav, mp4 etc)

(If there are any problems with your track, don't worry! We'll email you & sort it out!)

Enter Track Link (URL) here:
Enter Bandname, Songtitle etc:

If you don't have PayPal, creditcard etc (or don't want to use one) here are two alternate payment options.

1 - Sending Cash

You can make a submission to us the good old underground postal way. i.e. send well hidden cash in the mail. Contact us at if you wish to use this method & we'll send you our postal address & how to exactly go about it in a sensible way. :)


Not the usual trade CD thing here! There are certain things that are very useful to us, and fortunately cheap to buy & easy to post. At Satanica we are always in need ov memory storage, specifically USB Flash (pen) Drives & SD Cards. Therefore you can send us one ov these with your track on it. That way we will have the track & the USB Drive or SD Card will be considered the payment ov your submission fee. You only need to send us the smallest, cheapest one you can get. Or it may indeed be one you already have. Again, just email: & we'll send you our address.

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