Please note: When you order, if you could somehow include your band name in the postal address, so that we can keep a record ov the bands who will get the Pressed CD version. Or if this is not possible send us an email stating your (purchasers) name & your band's name.

Also: If you would like to order five or more copies, contact us at the above email address before you purchase as we can give you an even better price! :)


If you are viewing this page we will assume that a) You are a member ov a band on the Most Unholy Convergence compilation & b) That you are aware that the free copies that were originally stated are no longer available.

The reason for this is simple. When this compilation was first mooted it was intended to be a normal, album length compilation. At this point it would have been easy to give everyone a free copy. Then it grew, firstly to 40 bands & finally the 100+ band monster that it is now. We're sure you can understand the impracticality ov distributing 100 copies for free & it would not be fair to give free copies to some & none to others.

Here is the solution & we hope that it finds favour with most ov you. Under the picture ov the compilation is a PayPal link where you can order your copy(s) ov the compilation for the Wholesale Price ov $9NZD which is around $6.30USD. This includes postage, so it's a pretty decent deal on it's own.

However we would like to make this deal even better! So, for whoever purchases at least one copy ov the Wholesale priced compilation, once it reaches Pressed CD status you WILL receive a FREE copy ov that version. To reiterate: Buy a copy now & you'll get a free copy ov the Pressed CD version when that day comes.

Just like our normal releases we will go to Pressed once 300 copies are sold. These copies include both the normal retail priced ones and the wholesale priced ones from this page. Therefore in actual fact if every band bought three copies themselves it would become a pressed CD before even a single retail copy sold!!

There is no pressure on you to do this ov course, but the sheer number ov bands on the compilation plus the interest this will generate we do expect this CD to go "Pressed" quite quickly, compared to our normal releases. Especially if a number ov you get on board the promotion, which we will show you how at the bottom ov this page!

Ok enough babble. On the left hand side is the fucking link...! :)


Get an Agent Site, Promote the M.U.C compilation, make some $$$ 

As mentioned above, any band that buys at a wholesale copy is entitled to join in with the promotion ov the compilation & have their successful efforts rewarded in a very real way. This is what we call our "Agent Site" system & we can set up one for you to promote MUC with whether you are a Satanica band or not. Any sales generated from your site will earn you a sales commission ov $5NZD for every copy sold!

If you wish to become an Agent all you need to do after purchasing your copy is to email and ask!

Click this flyer to see an example ov a Agent Page

Note: If you are not a Satanica band your page would just contain the MUC comp.  (For now)

Also, any questions are welcome.

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