The sound ov the underground - but on CD!!

To many the demo on a cassette represents the 'true' underground sound ov the mid '90s when tape trading was at it's zenith. And many are also curious about this sound today too. Certainly, there has been a rise in the numbers ov releases on this format lately, in fact it's become quite trendy. But as cool as it is & definitely benefits certain sound production styles it's not without it's problems.

Cassette tapes don't stand up very well to repeated playing, and unless they're duplicated professionally it is likely that the label's machine that made your copy is not set the same way as yours resulting in an inferior sound. There is certainly a black art to successfully duplicating cassette tapes. And we can't forget that not so many have access to a working, quality cassette deck nowadays anyway. Taking it all into account, CDs are simply a better option for a physical format.

But still, we can't deny the nostalgia ov the tape sound. So for November Satanica is offering a very special deal. There are no discounts, no additional freebies (except the usual) thrown in, but what we are offering is a chance for the CD based release you purchase to have the CASSETTE SOUND!

This means that we will custom remaster the release you buy - just for you - actually recording it onto and sampling it from a real casette as part ov the process so what you will end up with is a CD that captures the sound ov tape, but in a more robust, practical and permanent way! Your Satanica "TAPESOUND" release will come with a special label reflecting it's uniqueness. It doesn't get more "limited edition" than this! Please note this is all done to a professional mastering standard, not an amateur home copying job!

To get Tapesound with your purchase you don't need to use any special links etc. Simply purchase in the usual way & we'll email and ask you if you would like it at the same time as we ask you about our artwork options.

Ov course you can elect to receive the normal version ov the release you buy, if you prefer. This is also the default version you will receive if we don't hear back from you within five days after we email.

If this Uber Offer proves popular we may offer it again, or even with different vintage tape machines at our disposal!

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