Algol is now based in Montenegro! The first project we have had
from here. Check out his release on Black Metal Page 6.16

Released in January -  on Friday the 13th 2023!
Obscuration - Along the Path of Broken Destinies

Dark Priest's new release "999" was dropped on All Hallows Eve 2022!
Also, Satanic Tony recently returned with a new project called Frostgripen & released "Endless Power". 

From July 2020

To those bands who have been emailing us about a release: If you don't wish to be ignored. please take the time to get familiar with what we offer to bands before contacting us and asking for a cassette or vinyl release in limited edition! You can find out more by reading the "About" and "Nine Satanica Statements" below and also reading through the "Join us" page. 

Also, it would probably be a good gesture on your behalf to become a customer first if you wish to release on our label.
Note: This is by no means a requirement, but just sayin'! ;)

Before July 2020

Transmission Mastering

Satanica has begun offering a new and very unique additional audio production service. This is called Transmission Mastering and the title links to the details!

We are now offering Mp3 versions with our orders. 

But to be clear, Satanica Productions is a label that specialises  in short-run physical releases. We have no intentions to become a so-called 'digital' or 'net' label. However, as a service to our customers we can also send an Mp3 version of the release you purchase (as well as sending the actual physical product) if you request it, which you can do when you confirm your choice for the style of artwork, by answering the email we always send out after we see an order.

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